We are a team with a product devoted to forecasting energy usage
for building management,
for utility management,
for energy harvesters.

It is our endeavor. It is our vision and direction.

What We Do

For energy managers...

WeatherWatt Inc. provides on-demand building energy demand-forecasting for each of your building properties up to 72 hours into the future.

Predictive System

Our zero-touch predictive system allows stakeholders to manage their building energy options and stay on track with their energy management objectives with minimal up-front costs.

Fast Notification

By identifying future usage conditons, we empower energy managers to proactively prepare options to reduce peak demand.

Top Security

Our forecasts, specifically tuned to your building, are delivered to you either through our secure data portal, or at your discretion, by email.

Budget Tool

Using our insight, energy managers can lower their electric costs, mitigate risks to their budget, and further improve their impact on improving sustainability within the urban environment.

Who We Are

Our team has a unique set of talents and interests, enabling us to focus on the aspects of building energy usage, and energy production forecast using advanced forecast modeling with state-of-the art computer systems.

Data Products